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How to Get Out of Debt

How to Get Out of Debt

Getting out of debt is not so easy to do. It doesn’t mean its not possible. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

I came up with a list that can help you get out of debt. We did many of these when we where trying to clear all our cards.

Sell – Sell anything you don’t need or not using. I use sites like Offer Up, Let Go, Craigslist. You will be amazed as to how much money you can actually make by selling things you no longer use.

One Car – For a while me and my husband used only one car. Having one car saves you gas money and insurance money. We are actually planning to go to one car again. Not because we are in debt but because now we are saving for a home.

Shop Online – We use Amazon Prime for a lot of things. Almost everything besides grocery we get on Amazon. It two day delivery – free and it cheaper than regular store.  Using Ebates when you shop online will make you money back.

Cash Only – For this method you will have to make a budget. Its great because if you don’t have a card on you and no more cash, it will force you to refuse things you don’t really need.

Budget – Budget every aspect of your life. Trust me it helps.

Side Hustle – Get that side hustle going.

Negotiate your Bills Down – Psst. Y’all I didn’t even know that this was even possible. I don’t know if it works with any sort of amount but it won’t hurt to ask.

Re-Finance or Consolidate debt – Pretty self explanatory.

That’s all for today. I want to encourage you to keep going. If you trying to pay off your debt and your running low on fuel. Think of how good it will feel when you get out of the ditch and your able to live your life freely not worry about debt.

Couple other things I want to say before you go have a weakly or a bi weekly check up whether it be just you or with your partner. Go over how much you made this week or just motivate each other and watch some motivational videos of other people and how the got out of debt.

Also after you do get out of debt, try to save up for an emergency fund and then go live your life. BUT without your credit card.

Alrighty Ya’ll. I got go check all my bills.

Have a blessed and debt free day.



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