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Save Money at the Grocery Store

Save Money at the Grocery Store

Who doesn’t love shopping. Before I became a wife, I didn’t find grocery shopping very fun at all.

Well now I have no choice. Ha. No seriously, I don’t have a choice. I need to buy food so I can make food. I learned to actually love it.

I also learned to save money along the way.

I decided to write this post because you guys seemed to really like my recent post where I shared How I Save Money with my Laundry Routine.

Its was especially a hit on Pinterest it got 1.5k views. It might be little for someone but for me that is huge.

So today I bring to you:

How I Save Money while Grocery Shopping


If you aren’t familiar with Cartwheel, it can be only used in Target. It always has some amazing deals. Sometimes you can even make money. Like the other day my husband bought two packs of diapers for Joseph and he got a super deal because he got $10 gift card back.

Deals like that are always happening in Target and the app has many other deals on there too. Its one of my favorite apps.


Ibotta is an app where you get money back for buying the products that are on there. I love this app. Just for buying milk or bananas I can make a few cents. If you use this app all the time, the money really does add up.


I love printing coupons off coupons.com. They have some really good deals. I haven’t used it in a while because I have been shopping more zero waste and they don’t really have coupons for that but overall its a great app for saving money.

Store Sale Days

Many stores have specific days where they have specific things on sale. Its always good to look at the store ad. I usually just check on their website or call in and ask if they have a sale on a specific item I am looking at.

Almost Expired

I don’t know about other stores but the Fred Meyer that I got to puts a discount on things that have to be used like right away. They usually have a yellow sticker on them. Not that long ago I got mushroom for half the price all because they needed to be used soon. Obviously you should still check if it looks alright but if its all good why not.

Meal Plan

Meal planning has saved me so much money. Its honestly unbelievable. I don’t like going to the store without a meal plan because then I end up buying food that doesn’t get used up and gets thrown away a week later.

Have a Budget

I think I have mentioned “budget” on my blog at least a hundred times. I’m just kidding. But this is such a crucial part of having your finances in order. Have a specific budget just for you food.

I have a few more apps that I use to grocery shop and I want to do a separate post on that.

That is going to be it for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this post.



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