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How To Save Money While Doing Laundry

How To Save Money While Doing Laundry

For me saving money gives me such a thrill. Like I get super excited when I know I just saved a bunch of money.

Laundry is not my favorite chore but it’s one that needs to be done all the time, so whether I like it or not I have to make the best of it.

I found easy ways that I can save money while doing laundry.


Okay this one is my favorite to talk about because it’s just so outdated for many folks in the USA but its so awesome.

Here are just a few benefits:
– uses no electricity
– fresh smell
– the sun is a natural stain remover

Some people might have a laundry day. Like on Wednesday each week they do their laundry. Well I look at the weather in the beginning of the week and then do laundry on sunny days.


I bought mine locally to support the people around me but you can find these at any health store. Maybe you can get them to target and other store too I just have never checked.

So I just throw my wool ball in with my clothes into the dryer when I do use the dryer and it take away the static and it lowers the drying time.


I don’t really see a point for them if I using a wool ball and if I want my clothes to smell like lavender I will add essential oil.


I use to be intimidated of the DIY laundry detergent but after I made it once I can’t help my self but to keep making it myself always. I love to experiment with different recipes and then making them my own.


Some of you might cringe at this but guess what I don’t always separate my dark’s and my colors. Shocker right. Haha. But depending on what clothes I have I do different piles. This is how I divided mine.

Hubby’s work clothes
Cloth diapers
Bright colors
Blacks with dark colored clothing

I use to wash Joseph (my baby) clothes separately now I just was it with our clothes. Makes my life a lot easier.


When I can I use the shorter load cycle. Not all washing machine might have that setting.

Alright that is all for today. I got a bunch of laundry to do so till next time.



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