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Eco Kitchen – HOW TO:Have a Paperless Kitchen

Eco Kitchen – HOW TO:Have a Paperless Kitchen

I am a huge advocate for natural healthy living. We love to buy things that are non-GMO, organic and whole based food. With good food I always like buying natural products, zero waste and Eco-friendly products.

Producing less trash is important to me.

Many people laugh at me when I tell them or they see that I am trying to produce less trash. They tell me that its ridiculous and that one person cant change or save the world.

And here is what I think.

First off, it is not ridiculous to try make you life and your home Eco-friendly. And Secondly, no one said that I am trying to save or change the world. I am just making small changes in my life that are a little better for the earth.

Now that we got that over with, lets talk about an Eco kitchen.

In my transition to a zero waste lifestyle, I realized that my family and I used disposable napkins and paper towels for absolutely everything. We wasted so much napkins. Our household has been napkin free since the beginning of March when we moved into our own place.

My Husband and I don’t use disposable napkins or paper towels anymore.Instead we use small cloths to clean and cloth napkins at the table.

My Paperless Kitchen:

This is the drawer where I keep all my towels, cleaning cloths, place mat and my cloth Napkins.

These napkins I use for daily use.

These are my cleaning rags.

These napkins I use for when we have dinner parties.

And its not “much harder” as some people have told me. It quite easy.

I wipe, Rinse, Throw (into the Laundry), Wash!

I just throw it in with all my other towels.

Simple as that.

It feels good to eliminate so much waste.

If you haven’t made the transition to a paperless kitchen, I strongly urge you to.

If you have paper towels and napkins you can either give them away to family or friends¬† or just use them up. Then you can get some small square cloths. You can get some at Target. Kohl’s some times has great deals in the clearance section for table napkins, so does Target.

If you have a paperless kitchen, let me know down below. You know we can get coffee and bond over having towels. Ha.

Have a Happy and Healthy Day.



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