6 Places to Promote your Blog Post After you Hit Publish!

Hey Dear Friends.

So today we will talk about a topic that I am super passionate about and that is blogging.

I absolutely love blogging and I wish I had more time to create more content.

Blogging comes with some challenges as well. When I started my blog, there was so much to set up I thought I was going to fail and go insane. But my love for blogging overpowered that. I spent endless hours learning. Learning about WordPress, html, blogging, themes, SEO. I still need to learn so much more.

So with all the hard work I put into learning all that, after I write a post I want people to read it.

So I found these platforms to work the best for me.

I share all of my content on these platforms and its get me some good traffic.

I will do another post on how to get more traffic.

But for now I want to share with you 6 places you can promote your blog post after you hit publish.

#1 – Social Media – Personal Accounts

Because we are in such a digital time, you can use social media to your advantage. Here are some place you can share your post.

  • Instagram
  • Instagram Stories
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat

#2 – Pinterest Boards

#3 – Facebook Boards

#4- In Other Blogs Comments

Leave a genuine comment and then link your blog or blog post.

#5- Official Facebook Business Page

Create a separate page for your blog. Check out mine here.

#6 – Google Plus

There are probably a lot other platforms that are good for promoting your blog post. These are just the ones that work really well for me.

I hope this was useful and let me know if you enjoy this kind of post.



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