What I Still Buy Packaged

Hello Zero Waste Friends, Ever since I learned about zero waste and started living it out. I feel so good. It feels like you are actually making a difference. It can get so addicting though. I want to buy all things that are glass, zero waste friendly and biodegradable. Its a good and a bad […]

Why I Cloth Diaper

Why I Cloth Diaper. Hello friends, Today I wanted to share with you why I cloth diaper. I am new to cloth diapering and honestly when I started I thought I wasn’t cut for it. That first poopy diaper I got I almost vomit. Yup, You heard me right. That saying that people tell you […]


How I simplified my life Hey there, how are you doing? Well I’m good. Actually I am a lot better after I simplified and organized my life. I wanted to share how I simplified my life and how it helped me. I hope this post brings you some value and it inspires you to simplify […]